Get Your Threads.

The Brief

Why Tooheys Came To Us

Toohey’s Extra Dry wanted to own ‘surfing’ among their 18-24yr old target market and for a limited budget we were tasked to drive volume through case sales and a clever activation.

We developed a campaign from the insight that 18-24yr old men constantly strive to discover the latest, greatest trends and to be the first of their mates to adopt. Their social status can be determined by their choice of style, music, brands etc. Their lives revolve around their group of mates and they struggle with the contradictions between individuality and conformity within their group. The do not have a huge disposable income and often gather at each other’s houses rather than going out to bars or clubs.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign


Our research led us to create the ‘Get Your Threads’ campaign. We understood that within our target market there is an intrinsic value associated with boardies so we pushed the boundaries by incentivising our shopper to not only purchase a case of Toohey’s Extra Dry but to also spend a further $20 to purchase a pair of custom board shorts. The boardies were sourced from the Quicksilver factory and allowed us to design them ourselves.

There was five ways to customize the boardies:

  • Choose your style
  • Choose your size
  • Enter your nickname
  • Position your name
  • Colour Your name

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign


This campaign was so effective that we sold out four weeks of stock within one week and ran the campaign successfully for three years in a row.


  • Gold Apma Star Award Winner In Two Categories
  • Most Innovative Idea
  • Best Volume Driving Campaign