The Man of Steel.
Schick Global.

The Brief

Why Schick Came To Us

How do you drive volume for a men's razor across 10 different markets? As a global promotion, Schick looked to Thirsty to provide a digital solution to support their massive in store push. Partnering with the new Man of Steel movie starring Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill, Schick gave away a variety of Superman themed prizes across the Asia Pacific region.

They wanted a site that reflected the Schick brand values, with the excitement that the new Superman movie would bring.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

For the first time ever, Clark Kent's transformation is more than just from mild mannered reporter to Superhero - in this movie, he transforms from rugged, bearded guy to clean shaven, Man of Steel.

Working with Schick and Warner Bros, Thirsty created a promotional microsite that was translated into five languages across nine countries! Using the visually spectacular campaign look and feel designed by our talented team at 30Thirty, we designed and built a microsite that allowed users to enter in their native language and view regional specific prizes.

Creating this 360 promotional campaign with 30Thirty allowed Thirsty to create an engaging experience in a tight timeframe. Harnessing the power of our specialised promotional tool, Grinner, we were able to build a complex and detailed backend to support this promotion on a foundation established over the last 10 years.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The principal efficiency with this campaign was that 30Thirty/Thirsty Digital managed all design and development aspects of digital and in store execution and the results speak for themselves!

The launch of superman was a great success and as a brand partner, Schick has gained an amazing amount of sales and exposure. We truly did allow consumers to 'Transform themselves with Schick and the Man of Steel'.