Power Select.
Schick Asia Pacific.

The Brief


With the launch of Hydro, Schick had their BIGGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT LAUNCH in recent history, achieving market leadership over Gillette for the first time. The following year we had incredible sales hurdles to overcome. We introduced SCHICK HYDRO POWER SELECT.

This innovation brought the power of vibration to Schick for the first time - expectations were high. We went bigger and better and achieved Schick-for-Men's most successful campaign with BIGGEST EVER SALES PERFORMANCE (103%* above target). We secured the highest 4 week share on record for Schick, and captured an additional 7.5 share points from Gillette Fusion over the launch period.

The Work

Strategy and Objectives

We developed standout creative communicating the existing hydration effect as well as the benefits of the new Power-Select technology. We devised claims using simple language that focused on the true consumer benefit (comfort), rather than just technology for the sake of technology.

The campaign interrupted shoppers with new and innovative point of sale solutions - out of category was key to create word of mouth and trial that filtered down to a hard working trial mechanic.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The previous year was the biggest year ever for the brand, achieving market leadership for the first time. The true success of this launch is more mind blowing considering it eclipsed all of those volume achievements and more than doubled the forecasted value figures.

  • Highest 4 week share* on record – higher than record breaking Hydro launch
  • Power-Select launch budget for the quarter exceeded by 103%
  • Achieved over 5,000 off-location displays in grocery as well as Health and Beauty Aisle ends, wing ends, floor media, shoppers were tripping over Hydro Power Select in store, and the result was it ended up in their baskets!