RAGA 2011 Mark Webber Go Kart.

The Brief

Why Rexona Came To Us


Rexona, major sponsor of Australia’s Greatest Athlete needed to bring the TV show to life in store with a consumer promotion and become the only Antiperspirant choice for men 25+.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign


We required an over-arching strategy with two exclusive promotional platforms for Woolworths & Big W to run for six weeks.

We offered Woolworths’ shoppers a 'money can't buy' experience with an exclusive meet and greet with world Formula One racing driver, Mark Webber. His involvement ensured maximum hype and coverage for both Rexona and Woolworths as well as the added in-store theatre by offering stores physical prizes to display.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The promotion created a great presence in store and the concept lent itself to incorporating support communication into or around the TV show - making the most of the sponsorship.

Great in-store theatre success for the Woolworths specific promotion, as we were able to display physical go karts in stores and build displays around them - this bought the promotion to life and got the trade very excited.

An extremely appealing prize pool that gave away not one but four trips to Melbourne to meet and greet Mark Webber plus the chance to win a customised go-kart.

A total of 5,893 entries were received for the Woolworths specific promotion and 405 for the Big W promotion.