Nutella Website Re-Development.

The Brief

Why Nutella Came To Us

Nutella approached us to take their out dated brand site and produce an online presence that was not only visually stunning & engaging, but that would also work across a series of platforms including mobile and tablet.

With a rich history and a wealth of imagery to work from, Nutella gave us an open brief to create a site that was reflective of the company as a whole and the direction into the future.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

To update the website for such an iconic brand, Thirsty knew we had to produce something that was both beautiful to look at and easy to use. Wireframing the site, and working with our talented user experience and information architecture team, we settled on a responsive design that incorporated not only product information and company history, but also a recipe section designed specifically for use on tablets.

Touch and mobility were crucial to the consideration of the build of this project and as such, large recipe blocks and prominent visual icons were created for ease of navigation.

Each page on the new has been designed to scale from the smallest of iPhone screens to the largest desktop monitors and look stunning on all.

Full screen video has been integrated into the home page when new TVCs come about and HTML 5 parallax creates movement and dynamism on informational pages.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

Nutella has been ecstatic about the site since launch and the response to the new look and feel has been overwhelming. We will be looking at refining the experience as we learn more about our user base but compared to the ageing brand site, this launch has proven that great user experience and stunning design always deliver the results we are looking for!