The Nikon Elite.

The Brief

Why Nikon Came To Us

Sales don't just come from advertising.

Like many electronic suppliers, Nikon relies on retailers and their sales teams to ultimately convince a customer to purchase their product. Whilst Nikon understood the importance of the sales team within their national retailers, the challenge was how could they work with the retailers better, and arm them with the knowledge to convince more customers that a Nikon Camera was the right choice for them.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

Devised from prior learning's, a new communication and program strategy was developed that would actively engage retailers and their staff, and give Nikon an edge over their competitors.

Using Thirsty's incentive technology "Giddeeup", we created a new and revitalized online portal. Customised to every retail chain, sales staff now have a wealth of information on camera models and are incentivised to participate in new product training modules to earn points for great range of tailored rewards.

Online and SMS integrated communication continues to ensure the program is at top of mind for the retailers and provides easy access to the portal and information.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The program commenced in Sep 2011 and continues to successfully evolve, as should all online programs. Feedback from retailers and their staff have ensured the program is continually tailored to their needs. There are now not only smiles on the faces of consumers, there continues to be many smiles on the faces of retail staff when their rewards arrive on their desks.

Nikon reached No.1 in compact camera sales at the halfway point in 2012. The Nikon 1 model cemented No.1 position within the Advanced Camera - interchangeable lens category in mid 2012.

Whilst this was a fantastic product innovation, and had great marketing support, we can confidently say retail staff had a big role in placing those cameras in the hands of those smiling consumers.