MOVO (Mother Vodka).

The Brief

Why Mother Came To Us


To go head to head and clip the wings of VODKA Red Bull with an on-premise activation

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign


The challenge for us was to come up with a catchy & creative bar call for "Mother + Vodka" to compete with "Red Bull" for the successful launch of Mother 250mL on-premise.

From concept, we built the key visual of a Mother MIXER truck from scratch – requiring expertise of the highest calibre, patience, attention to detail and a Mother load of creative flare!

We ensured the bar call creative execution was communicated at all consumer touch points throughout the bar environment with a comprehensive suite of POS pieces (both temporary and permanent elements).

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign


Coca-Cola Amatil and the Mother brand team were thrilled with the MOVO execution. The campaign was communicated in over 2,000 venues nationwide, with a re-order of POS for a further 1,000 venues.

The bar call and the creative was ‘spot on’ and really spoke to the target audience – memorable, blokey, gutsy, strong, in your face and fun!

The developed POS suite looked beyond standard posters and gained some great in-venue presence with some unique elements and knife lines. MOVO Kits were well received by a wide range of venues (pubs, style bars and clubs).


  • Silver APMA Star Award Winner
  • Best Use Of Creative In A Promotional Campaign