Fountain Faces.

The Brief

Why Fountain Came To Us

Cerebos wanted to put a stop to the relentless price war and wanted to build their Fountain brand on more than just price. So they asked us to come up with a campaign that excited the retailers, drove loyalty, continued to build on the brands image and most importantly drove brand volume at full price.

And that is exactly what we did. We achieved all of these things, in an innovative way. We took a low involvement (traditionally very boring) category - SAUCE - and we squeezed some FUN and EXCITEMENT into it.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

We developed a toy called CHARLIE. Charlie was a cartoon face. He was bright yellow and was pulling a silly face. Charlie screwed onto the top of the Fountain sauce bottle, replacing the standard lid. When you squeezed the sauce bottle the sauce came out of Charlie's nose.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

We achieved record volumes with a 510% increase on average weekly sales ("They sold more units of sauce than in any week in the previous 26 weeks#").

Charlie worked incredibly well, he;

  • Made a low involvement category exciting and fun (excited retailers)
  • Could be used repeatedly, but only with Fountain Sauce bottles (drove loyalty)
  • Was very interactive, great value and had enormous talk-ability (Built the brand and increased usage)
  • Was FREE with every purchase of 2 Fountain Sauces (drove volume)


  • Gold APMA Star Award Winner
  • Best Activity Generating Brand Volume