Ferrero Mailout Tool.

The Brief

Why Ferrero Came To Us

Ferrero Australia approached Thirsty to help them find a corporate communication solution for HR and Corporate communication.

Essentially they wanted to be able to create and manage branded Ferrero Newsletters to be sent internally to staff across all divisions PLUS engage and excite staff by making internal communications fresh, positive and fun – not just administration!

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

Thirsty utilized their Coooeee mailout platform to create ONE Mailout tool that could effectively create, manage and report on ALL Ferrero HR and Corporate communication needs!

All Mailouts can be built from the one system with any length volume or type of content being easily added through our custom CMS interface - e.g. Text only, text and image, gallery, video, RSVP and Polls.

PLUS HR and Corporate can define each template with different branded, seasonal, social or formal headers to ensure communication remains fresh and relevant.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The tool has been so well received by Ferrero that they have subsequently rolled out the solution across four Asia Pacific regions - Australia, China, North Asia and South East Asia.