Discover the path to Elysium.
Channel 10.

The Brief

Why Channel Ten Came To Us

Thirsty Digital was approached by Network Ten to help them create a stand out digital campaign for their partnership with Sony Australia and the promotional release of their latest epic action film 'Elysium', starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.

Ten wanted to provide Sony Australia with an exciting and unique activation to showcase their cutting edge digital offering and differentiate themselves from other networks also vying for the exclusive media opportunity to Sony Australia and 'Elysium'.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

The main challenges faced when initiating activity for the brand were:

  • Ensuring the campaign retained relevance to the local Australian audience
  • Use assets provided from the US website and promotion materials in a new and exciting way – not just replicating activations from overseas
  • Create a unique point of difference to encourage social conversation and engagement in the lead up to the film release
  • Attract a wide audience to the film with the focus on action rather then Sci Fi

Brainstorming a multitude of creative solutions, we came up with an online interactive experience that allowed a user to 'Discover the path to Elysium'. Using Google Maps, Street View and our specialised promotional tool, Grinner, each user would discover four clues, and that would lead them to the final destination and unlock the entry form by spelling out the secret word 'HERO'. Once a user put in their initial street address, the game would generate a series of locations around Australia, with clues and exclusive content in the form of Google Street View pins.

Locations like Chinatown in Sydney and Woomera Rocket test range were chosen as it fit the aesthetic of the film and gave users a localised and exciting experience. Bonus entries were gained through finding the unique code on Sony Australia's Facebook page.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

As it was such a unique way to promote a movie, Ten received an abundance of entries over the four week period that the competition was live – thousands in total! With support from TV and online display media, the competition forums were abuzz with how fun and engaging it was.