Coffee Category.
DE Coffee.

The Brief

Why DE Coffee Came To Us


Our task was to educate the consumer on the range of coffee blends available with D.E Coffee whilst simultaneously growing the category as a whole.

Our challenge was to change purchase behaviour on a low involvement, high loyalty product by encouraging trial and simplifying the shopper experience at shelf.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign


After extensive research on the insights and attitudes of coffee consumers a few key points became clear: the category was cluttered and difficult to shop. This impacted conversion for consumers shopping the category.

We developed a more enticing, shopper friendly fixture, using priming techniques to bring the coffee to life.

Aisle fins & header cards with enticing coffee imagery for each coffee type (fresh, capsule, café style & instant), made it easier for shoppers to gravitate towards the right coffee blend for them.

We created colour-coded coffee types supported by educational messages on aisle fins as well as shelf strips to simply the shopping experience.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

We implemented the trial in one store with a hugely positive reaction from the retailer and a notable increase in sales across the whole category. After the success of the trial, we rolled out the full point of sale suite to all participating stores.