Continental Rewards Club.

The Brief

Why Continental Came To Us

To drive loyalty to the Continental Masterbrand as well as educating consumers of the wide variety of product offerings available under the Continental Umbrella.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

After in-depth target research and competitor analysis we indentified the key criteria required to ensure a successful campaign. These being – Direct link to sales, in line with brand strategy, be innovative, engaging, incorporate all Continental products, long term, provide a consumer/brand experience and build amplification.

Welcome the Continental Rewards Club. An online rewards program where consumers could BID for and BUY exciting Rewards by collecting Continental Credits.

To ensure the sales were directly linked we had to ensure that over 5,000,000 unique codes (yes that reads correct - 5 mil) we implemented on packaging, one huge job in itself, were validated online. Thanks to our Giddeeup technology, this was all possible.

The site was integrated into Echelon to capture and manage every key learning about Continental Reward members and traffic to the site. This data management helped us strategically plan an ongoing communications and activations campaign that would last two years, and see over 100,000 members join and actively participate because we where able to provide them more of what they wanted.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The content rich site broadened the consumer’s knowledge to the entire range of Continental products and innovative ways to use them.

The client enjoyed costs efficiencies to run multiple consumers promotions, across different accounts, within the one campaign with its innovatively built Continental Rewards Club platform.