Bruers Bright Trade Portal.
Coca Cola Pacific.

The Brief

Why Bruers Came To Us

Coca-Cola Pacific came to us to help launch a new beer to the market. Specifically the brief was to target an exclusive group of on-premise venues.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

Thirsty utilised its Giddeeup tech, and built a trade portal for staff at the venues. A invitational trade teaser was distributed by reps with unique login details.

By signing up to program the trade then became incentivised to actively participate in the launch. They could participate by uploading POS displays, and completing weekly quizzes which earned them points to claim a range of rewards.

We plugged in our SMS suite to enable daily reminders and trivia which also helped them achieve. Access via mobile also kept the program at top of mind.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The launch was a great success and we received great feedback from the trade on the ease of use of the program when compared to traditional print campaigns. They felt we had a thorough understanding of how time poor the target is and that the ease of use of the site and SMS integration was what kept them engaged.