Banana Boat Online.
Banana Boat.

The Brief

Why Banana Boat Came To Us

Revamp the 5 year old site, maintain Banana Boats credible image in market place, and educate consumers on sunscreen. Banana Boat also wanted to make all the products easily accessible, yet relevant to each specific target and to have it to hand during the purchase process. The new 50+ range would need to be seamlessly added to the site soon after launch. To ensure successful search paths and compliment scheduled digital media, we partnered with OMD.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

Analysis of previous user flow data was mapped and compared to a set of newly defined goals. After extensive wireframing and user experience testing, we created a site that incorporated plenty of new features to make Banana Boat the first choice when selecting sunscreen.

To make sunscreen more relevant and targeted to the user we devised a new product selector, where we asked users to find "what sunscreen was best for you?". This tool is available as a mobile optimised experience, by scanning a QR code at point of purchase.

Within a matter of seconds, users knew what sunscreen was tailored specifically to their needs. This allows a consumer to quickly and easily make the right choice when choosing sunscreen in the supermarket.

Along with helpful sun facts and information about looking after your skin in the harsh Australian sun, we created Facebook posts and display media to compliment the launch of the new 50+ range & clearsprays for the summer season.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

The new Banana Boat site is a testament to great design and beautiful functionality. Users have commented on how easy it is to use and the supporting content for the site provides an easy way to learn about sun care and the dangers of, and solutions to, the harsh Aussie sun.

Engagement on site is up through the use of the our interactive educational selectors and tools, and the mobile optimisation has allowed consumers at point of sale to make the right choice for themselves and their families.