ASIC Money Smart Learning Portal.

The Brief

Develop the UX strategy

Janison Learning Solutions engaged Thirsty to help implement a new 'money smart' initiative to teachers in Australia, for their client ASIC. The program needed to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, strategies and teaching materials to teach consumer and financial literacy.

We were asked to put together a UX strategy and front end design so the program could be brought online, in a user friendly, accessibility compliant, and relevant way for educators and teacher alike.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

After reviewing the strict requirements of Government type projects, we got to work on the usability architecture. After initial user testing we refined to best user case and began graphic build, which included talent modeling and a photoshoot to ensure the portal was felt relevant to those that would be using it.

The learning modules interface was designed to ensure that all participants clearly understood their progression within the many modules, and could, if required come back at a later date clearly identifying what module or course they chose to leave previously.

A new round of user testing was completed after devising numerous user case tasks, where the users where tracked and asked for feedback on their experience. Final modifications where made, and with approvals from all stakeholders the project was delivered to be integrated within the ASIC site.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

We have received a big thanks for great team effort from many stakeholders that all helped to produce this initiative. We developed a strong direct relationship with ASIC and were engaged directly to deliver work outside the initial scope.