Adriano Zumbo Baking Range.

The Brief

Why Green's & Adriano Zumbo Came To Us

Famous Australian Patisser Adriano Zumbo needed a digital presence to compliment his new bake at home range of yummies, that were soon to be launched in supermarkets across Australia. Our job was to not only build an attractive and friendly site, but also to provide easy access to his products cooking instructions. And of course tell the world.

The Work

What We Created For The Campaign

With the best user experience in mind, we launched an aesthetic site that complimented Zumbo and his new products. We designed a clean, simple site and took a yummy do the talking approach.

For those finding his amazing products a challenge we provided easy to find “How to” instructional videos, ensuring the magic could successfully be created at home.

For easy access in the kitchen we made the videos mobile and tablet accessible, and integrated QR codes onto packs that directed your mobile device directly to the products info.

To boost sharing, and increase awareness we launched a Zumbo Baking YouTube channel.

The Response

Reaction To The Campaign

Well we can’t work out if people just love the site, or love his products – the traffic just keeps coming.

Site engagement and duration has been well above average – people are watching full videos! Not only that they are watching in their kitchens on their mobile devices.

30% are returning to the site – because there making the next yummy goodie. There has been over 90,000 views on the You Tube channel alone.The Brownies and Macarons are a hit, if you’re lucky enough to find them in the supermarkets, buy the lot.